We act as your first line of defence for every activity throughout the value chain with security solutions custom-built to your specifications, and the unique needs of your business

  • Security Personnel
  • Alarm Systems
  • Surveillance and Response
  • Cash Security

Risk management is most effective at companies where security and compliance are embraced as core values. Be confident that your employees, suppliers, and clients understand your methodology, and build a strong foundation of security from the inside out.

  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Insider Risks
  • Security Minded Culture
  • Standard Operating Procedures

We provide security and strategic licensing advisory services based upon a compliant and defensible framework of laws, standards and industry best practices.

  • Regulatory Standards
  • Cannabis Facility Physical Security Design
  • Security Master Plan

Protect your assets, from first seed to final sale, with secure asset transportation, monitoring, storage, and compliance measures.

  • Asset Transportation
  • Cash Management & Transportation
  • Guard Services
  • Integrity Monitoring Services
  • Surveillance and Response
  • Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the saftey of your leadership team, and stifle those who would use the uncertainty of a rapidly evolving industry to undermine your organization and pose a risk to your personnel.

  • Cyber and IT Security
  • Executive Travel
  • Secure Transport
  • Home Monitoring